When were socks invented

When were socks invented

Socks have an intriguing history. First seen in Ancient Greece during their earliest days, socks evolved as footwear made of leather that covered five toes and heels; these socks were then used by women exclusively at night before bedtime and those entering acting professions.

Leather socks were brought to Rome from Greece. At first, Romans wore these just below their knees, but eventually evolved into stockings.

British soldiers were amazed when they witnessed Roman women with slim feet wearing clothing designed specifically to show them off, shocking them with its unconventional fashion and practical application in military matters. Admiring its usefulness for military purposes, they set out to enhance these "clothes."

Socks first made their debut inside boots that were rough on feet, protecting them and providing comfort. However, their time in Rome saw their greatest glory! At that time, socks covered the shins and went higher and higher until they eventually became stockings; poets began writing poems about socks! Unfortunately, as fashion increased, their length gradually turned into stockings instead - initially used by clergy members made of linen with no comfort factor whatsoever!

Knitted socks were first popularly seen in Spain during the sixteenth century, created manually and embellished with embroidery by male artisans.

William Lee, a Cambridge graduate and Master of Philosophy, invented a knitting machine capable of knitting 1200-2100 loops per minute - an astounding achievement at that time as hand knitting could only produce up to 100 loops at most! Machine-knitted stockings quickly faded from fashion in favor of hand-knitted ones.

Beginning in the late 18th century, French knitters learned seamless garment production. Following the French Revolution, short-length trousers and stockings became less necessary under long pants, giving rise to an increase in short trousers being worn without undergarments.

In 1914, World War One brought about an end to stockings as we know them today. Due to an overall material shortage, companies reduced production, cutting stockings down to their familiar length. Stockings eventually disappeared from men's wardrobes completely, becoming shorter socks that, for a time, were even worn with braces.

Today's socks are essential no matter when or where they are worn - be it during an outdoor dinner party in summer and winter, an excursion in nature, or playing sports on an open field. Keep several sets in stock to feel confident and comfortable for easy wearability.
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